Priority Pets FAQ's 

What happens when you leave your cat with one of our cat sitters? 

   Your cat will first start off exploring their new world.  Cats can be very shy and curious about their new home. This is a very natural process in getting your cat acclimated to their new environment. The time frame can differ from cat to cat but usually within a few days your cat begins to feel more comfortable.   

How many cats do we have per household.  

At priority pets we do not believe in over crowding our cats.  We have a maximum of 4 cats per household. 

What should I bring with me to the dog sitter residence.  

You only need to bring food, medications and food bowls.  It is also recommend to bring your emergency contact list and veterinarian information.  You can also bring a few items your animal such as her favorite toy, blanket and treats.  

What if my cats do not get along with another cat?

    We believe that cats are social animals and we make every effort to make the cohabitation process smooth and enjoyable for all parties. We always ensure that there is one room per cat in our household.  We will separate your cat to ensure the safety of all animals.  

Will my cat be left alone with other cats in the house?

  No,we always ensure that there is one room per cat in our residence.  When the owners are home they will have free range of the entire house.  To ensure the safety of all the cats when the owners are away we will separate the cats and place them in different rooms.  

Where will my cat or dog sleep?

    We always ensure that your animals have a dog or cat bed to sleep on.  They are always encouraged to sleep wherever they are comfortable on the bed, couch or sofa.  

Why does Priority Pets offer such cheap cat sitting services?

   We offer affordable cat kennel services to reach all social economical backgrounds.  We love animals and we pride ourselves on exceptional service.

Why is Priority Pets Ottawa's dog and cat boarding services unique?

    A traditional animal kennel operates during regular business hours.  After hours there is no or limited supervision of the animals and they are placed in small isolated quarters.  We offer a unique home experience for your family members.  Providing the best possible pet care possible.      

How long are the cats and dogs going to be left alone at home? 

   Most of our dog sitter and cat sitters have other careers and we ensure that your cat or dog is never left alone for an extended period of time.    

What is our cancellation policy and do we offer refunds?

   We require a two day security deposit to ensure that your animal has a dog sitter or cat sitter.  We offer a 100% refund if you no longer require our services due to your travel plans or weather related issue. 

How many dogs do you have per pet sitter?

    Depending on the property size of our dog sitter but we allow no more than two dogs per sitter.  

How many walks does my dog get per day when we use Priority Pets dog boarding services?

   That is to be negotiated based upon the clients needs and the breed of dog.  We ensure that your dog receives a minimum of two walks per day.