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Cat gives morning wake up kisses
Thankfully we brushed the kitties teeth last night
Grace loves the cat tree.
Enjoying the deluxe cat tree
Yellow tabby cat should be a model
staring for the camera he should be a model
Howard the cat sleeping
Who needs a clean kitchen when a cat sleeps in your dish rack
Grace the kitty at priority pets
Grace enjoying her first day with us
Fujan cat in bathroom
I was trying to shave
Dog on a walk
Dog walking near the ocean
Dog Acton taking a walk
Dog taking a walk downtown
Cute Kitten
She was only 2 weeks old and is so cute.
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The kitties testing out the cat tree
Pavel and Tigger's favorite spot.
Cat loves to snuggle
Fujan loves to cuddle with Brianna before bed
Cat naps in the cat tree
After playing this his laser pointer every cat needs a nap
Cat training to use a toilet
Beau is so smart it only took him two week to teach him how to use a toilet. At priority pets if your cat is potty trained we can continue to train him.
Cat sleep on the dinner table
Excuse me Mr. Beau it is time for dinner.
One Amazing Cat Mother
Brianna loves these two cats
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More cute photos of our animal friends

Cat at priority pets in cat tree
Kitty loves his Junior Mints
Dog on a walk
Howard in a box at Priority Pets
The face of a very happy kitty
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Cat gives morning wake up kisses

Thankfully we brushed the kitties teeth last night