Priority Pets Safety Initiative

Cute kitten sitting on a ledge at Ottawa's best cat boarding facility.  Priority Pets.
Neil the cat living his best life at Priority Pets Ottawa's premier cat border.

Priority Pet Boarding Service Inc. is please to announce that is has added an additional layer of protection to ensure that your furry family is safe and protected in our care.  We are equipping our resident cats with Girafus Pro Pet trackers.  In the very unlikely event that a cat opens a window or find is/her way through a door.  The Girafus Pet Pro Tracker assures us that we will find your pet.  Priority Pets is not your typical animal kennel services we are a care and kennel free facility! If you are interested in learning more about the Girafus Pet Pro Tracker I encourage you to check out there website at Girafus® Pro-Track-Tor Pet Safety Tracker RF Technology Dog and Cat Tracker Finder Locator – Girafus EN