About Our Services

    We understand life can be busy and complicated, which is why we provide a variety of pet care services to make things easier on you and your furry family. Take a look below to see what we offer and contact us with any questions.

Cheap cat sitting services as low as $25 per night!

Cat relaxing at priority pets

Cats crave love, stimulation and affection and it is a critical component to their happiness and longevity.  We provide cheap cat sitting services at our personal home or one of our trusted partners.  This experience is what separates priority pets from other animal kennel services.  Your cats will have free range of our entire house.  They can sleep and play in our deluxe cat tree or take a nap in our cat beds.  Your cats are also guaranteed to have physical and mental stimulation.  We have cat toys to help them burn off some energy.  This is what separates us from the competition cats are meant to be free and we don't believe in locking them  in a kennel.  Check out our testimonial's 

Private Personalized Cat Boarding as low as $35 per night.  

Cats are amazing animals they are all unique with there own personalities.  Some felines prefer the company of humans as opposed to there feline companions .  We offer private cat boarding services for cats who are more independent.

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Dog and cat boarding at your -Home Daycare $80 per night

  Dog and cat boarding at your home is one of our most popular services, especially for repeat clients.  We come into your home and provide various types of services depending on our clients needs.  From the all inclusive package where we stay at your place and provide all the love and care they deserve.  Including general house care watering your plants  We also provides daily drop in visits which includes  dog walking and cat feeding.  We pride ourselves on our professional yet fun approach, and do everything necessary to ensure your pets are safe, secure and happy.  If you are interested in learning more about our company feel free to visit our FAQ's page.  

Cat snuggling at priority pets

Professional dog sitter services as low as $50 per day.

Dogs crave love and affection 24/7 and with our professional dog sitters your pup will receive all the attention and affection they deserve.  

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