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Cat Grooming Services.

    Having a groomed cat is important for the health and happiness of our feline friends. At Priority Pets we have pet sitters who have experience with grooming cats. We offer a basic grooming package which includes nail trimming, brushing and waterless bath. If the unfortunate event arises of a cat being severely matted we can also shave off the mats at the request of the owner. Mats can be extremely painful for a cat as the mat tightens in knots it pulls the skin so it is similar to having a constant pinch on the animal. Our basic cat grooming service is offered at $25 per visit.

Cat and Dog Feeding Services

Priority Pets is a pet care provider that understands life can be busy and hectic and sometimes its difficult to purchase food for your loved one.  We offer Cat and Dog feeding services for as low as $1.25 for dry kibble and $2.25 for Whiskers wet food.  We understand that all our clients have unique dietary requirements and we aim to accommodate these needs.  If your cat requires special or specific cat food please contact us for more information regarding pricing.  

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