Testimonials of Priority Pets Ottawa dog and cat boarding services.

Here are some reviews from our satisfied clients.  

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Doreen Russell

They are very knowledgeable about animal care.  Thanks to Wyatt and Brianna I transition my cat to natural raw food.  I noticed a big difference in my cats coat and energy level.

Allan Prime

I felt completely at ease leaving Crackerjack at Priority Pets. He ran out of his carrier and straight into their cat Howard for a meet and greet. There was no hostility from either animal which was very reasurring to see before my trip.

Richard Smythe

I am a registered nurse and I work 12 hours per shift.  When I am working I use Priority Pets to take care of my two dogs.  Wyatt and Brianna are very responsible animal lovers.  They have became our friends and I would highly recommend their services.  

Andrea Turner

I have a diabetic cat and I was very nervous about traveling and leaving her behind.  She requires insulin injections once per day.  Many cat boarding services do  not provide injection services or they charge a premium for the added service. I felt at ease because Wyatt is a paramedic and has experience providing injections.  He offered these services at no additional cost.

Kathleen Richmond

I  leave Mr. Snuffleupagus "Snuffy" with Wyatt & Brianna each time I head back East for the holidays. Snuffy has become part of the family at Priority Pets. He loves the cat tree!

Tim Chang

Once per year I spent a month visiting my family in Beijing.  I have a dog and was concerned about who would look after Irving.  I did not want to place him in a traditional kennel for a month.  After doing some research and reading his reviews I called Priority Pets.  I liked that he offered a home environment for Irving.  He was placed in a loving home and provided us with updates via Facebook.  I would recommend his services.   

Alexander Morrison 

My wife and I both work long shifts and we use Wyatt and his team to take care of our dogs when we are working.  I choose priority pets instead of a normal dog walking service because I enjoy that they spend the time to help train my dog.  I have noticed a big difference in his behavior. He is now able to walk on a loose leash and does not bark or get aggressive at other dogs.  

Nicholas Sander 

When my wife and I went to Australia for our honeymoon for 2 weeks.  After reading the reviews online we chose priority pets.  I decided to try the cat modification training.  I love my cat but whenever i want to snuggle with him he just stares at me.  I thought if he could help train Baxter to come when called it would be a nice added benefits.  When I picked up Baxer I was shocked at how well he responded to his name and he also taught him paw which is very cute when he wants treat.  Wyatt and Brianna took great care our Baxer and I would highly recommend them.